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Our website is designed to provide you with a resource for wrestling scales at the high school and college level of competition and tournaments. Our goal is to provide high quality scale reviews and buyers guides plus special inside information. We hope you will think of this site as your weighing equipment home with lots of high quality products and informative buying guides relating to how to buy wrestling scales. No matter if you are a high school athletic director or a young wrestler just looking to maintain your weight in-between tournaments, you are sure to find good wrestling scales for sale. Let's take a look below at some frequently asked questions we receive.


QUESTION 1: We are looking to purchase a scale for our youth wrestling club for use at tournaments. Does the scale need to be NTEP certified and what are the benefits of buying one that is NTEP certified? Lastly, where can I purchase a good scale? (new or used)

ANSWER 1: When it comes to high school or college wrestlers it is necessary to have a scale that is certified basically for accurate consistent weights. As for what scales to recommend, take a look at our home page for a wide selection of high quality scales. Of course, everyone is familiar with Befour and Tanita but there are several other scales that are very good too. As we often say, first be sure to contact your conference president or state officials to make sure what official rules and regulations you need to follow. Often, the only real rules are to buy a scale that can be certified by your local scale company using test weights. The company will then provide you with a hand written certification showing what the scale displayed before calibration.

However, there are some states that require you to purchase a NTEP certified scale that has a certificate of conformance number (CoC#). So once again be sure to contact the proper folks to make sure you make the right purchase. Whatever scale you choose ideally needs to display weight down to tenths of a pound which are generally much better than those that register weight by something like half pound increments. If you've been in the wrestling world for any length of time then you are aware of the home school scale difference which can certainly be a variable to consider. Generally, most scales used for weigh-in's are typically within two tenths of a pound in accuracy. But, that is one reason we suggest that you invest in a portable NTEP approved wrestling scale like the Rice Lake wrestling scale. It's relatively cheap and has all the features that most coaches or participants are looking for. That way, if you show up at a tournament with your NTEP scale that you had certified within the last year, you will have a very compelling case that your wrestler's weights are accurate.


QUESTION 2: I'm trying to lose a few pounds, and I have a digital scale at home. However, it says I am MUCH lighter than the manual scale that my doctor's office utilizes. By the way, the difference seems to fluctuate greatly. What type of scale should I invest in?

ANSWER 2: Just because the scale is at the "Doctor's Office" doesn't mean that it is correct. The doctors office should have their scale checked and calibrated at least once a year by a scale company with NIST certified test weights. There can be some slight differences between scales at different locations just based on changes your body goes through during the course of a day. Both manual scales and digital scales are accurate scales and both can be affordable choices for managing your weight. We've all heard stories about how manual scales can lose their accuracy if they're not kept up with over time and back in the day I was wrestling at a tournament where my team knew we could be a little over and still make weight because the other school's scales were light. Many times medical clinics and other "big time" sports events use a manual scale with the sliding beam because it's traditional, simple, inexpensive and doesn't need a wall outlet or batteries. The fact is that scales do lose accuracy over a period of time or usage. That is why it's always a good idea to have them checked and certified at least once a year. We've all heard the stories from folks who will say they've noticed at one tourney they did one of the two scales was a pound heavier so everyone jumped on the other scale and made weight. This is another reason why we recommend having your own portable NTEP certified scale at every tournament.

Now, if you're keeping track of your weight at home, we have some relatively affordable options available for you as well. Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for? It depends on the quality of the scale you have at home. The scale we recommend can be expensive to some folks but measures to every .1 lbs while perhaps the digital scale in your bathroom is cheaper and fluctuates quite a bit. One note worth mentioning is decimal point accuracy. With a manual scale it can be a little tricky figuring out exactly how much you weigh down to the ounce. You're squinting at the beam trying to read the small numbers and meanwhile the beam keeps bouncing slightly. But with a high quality digital scale it displays the weight down to the decimal point. So lets say you need to weigh 180 pounds a digital scale will show you weigh 180.3 while on a manual scale it'll look like you're right at 180. Some places are strict with that tolerance while others are not quite as picky.


Thanks for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with some really good buying information for purchasing scales to be used at your weigh-in, tournament, or just to keep track of your weight daily. Hopefully this site will help you to make the correct buying decision. You can still search and find a rare used digital scale or see the website that promotes used equipment but generally it's tough to find many places that are offering those products on a regular basis. Don't forget, we provide exclusive coupon codes for even greater savings.


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