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It doesn't matter if you're looking for high school wrestling scales or scales for weighing college athletes, the basic features that you want are pretty similar. You want a scale that is affordable and reliable. However every supplier handles service and troubleshooting differently. We have suppliers that will provide scale calibration or scale repair services.

Befour recommends that all service work be performed by the factory. Independent service companies typically do not have Befour parts readily available and may not have experience repairing Befour products. Furthermore, having your scale or scoreclock serviced by an independent repair facility may void the factory warranty on your product. They actually do not have service agreements with any dealers or distributors. Please call the Befour service department for instructions if you are having a problem with a Befour product. Quite often they can help you resolve the issue over the phone. Should a product need service or repair, please call the Befour, Inc. service department to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#).

The PS-6600 and PS-6600 ST will use one of two possible procedures for calibration. The serial number will determine which procedure to use. The serial number label is located on the backside of the display console and the underside of the platform. Towards the middle of the serial number is a letter code. If your scale contains a letter code of "PSA", "PSB", or "PSC", your scale has internal calibration and uses the same calibration procedure. If the serial number contains the designation "PSD", your scale has 'push button' calibration and will use a different procedure.



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