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It doesn't matter if you're looking for high school wrestling scales or scales for weighing college athletes, the basic features that you want are pretty similar. You want a scale that is affordable and reliable. However there are some additional features that you might really like to have in a scale.

Do you want a fixed position scale or do you want a scale that you can carry around. This is a question that you need to determine. There are several really heavy duty scales that are great for a locker room or a gym. However, you wouldn't want to carry them around the building. We also have some portable scales are wonderful for carrying to different meets or tournaments. We don't get many calls for used wrestling scales and they are not readily available either.

If you chose a heavy duty style scale instead of a portable model, do you want the scale to be a digital scale or a mechanical model. Mechanical scales used to be the ideal choice but today electronic scales are the ideal choice because the weight is updated much faster and the reliability of digital scales has gotten much better.

Let's say you chose a digital scale. Do you need the scale to compute BMI or body mass index? This is not something that too many people ask for but it might be worth having just in case you might need it someday down the road. Along the same lines, do you need a height rod since that is part of the BMI calculation? We do offer scales that include a height rod or we offer height rods that are separate.

Do you have any special needs? Does the scale need to have hand rails or do you need a large platform? Does the scale need to have a printer or be able to connect to a computer? Do you have a local company who can provide scale certification? Those are questions that not too many people run into but it is good to think about this before you make a purchase.

Finally, the number one thing that you need to consider when purchasing a wrestling scale is.........

How much does it cost?

Wrong! We know you're going to look at the prices. The number one thing we have found that buyers need to consider is the requirements or certifications required. We strongly suggest that if you are going to be using this for state tournaments or some kind of a national meet, you check with the sanctioning body and make sure what requirements they have on the scales. Many times the terms certified wrestling scales or scales that can be certified get thrown into the same sentence as a legal for trade scale. Technically, this is not the same thing. If you need a legal for trade scale, we have those but they will be slightly more expensive.

We'll also add to this topic by mentioning the capacity and the readability. Basically that refers to the maximum weight you can put on the scale and how small do you want the increments to go up and down? For a wrestling scale typically the capacity is going to be somewhere around a few hundred pounds or so. Typically the readability is going to be something close to a tenth of a pound. You will probably see that written as 500 x 0.1 lb. When you see that it means the capacity is five hundred pounds and the readability of the scale is one tenth of a pound.


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