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This site is designed to provide you with a resource for certified wrestling scales used at the high school and college level of competition and tournaments. We hope you will think of this site as your wrestling scales home with lots of high quality products and informative buying guides relating to how to buy wrestling scales.



This scale is a favorite among many high school athletic directors and coaches. The WS100 digital scale is built with materials usually found in more expensive industrial scales. Digital display is an easy-to-read LED and the scale can operate on AC power or rechargeable battery. Capacity: 500 x 0.1 lbs. This digital scale is basically designed to be used in one place. You could move it if needed but we wouldn't really call this scale portable. This is basically a scale you put in the corner of the locker room or the gym. You do have the option of using the scale like it appears in the picture with a column. Or, you can just have the platform connected to the digital readout via cord. You can then mount the readout on the wall or a table top.

Also keep in mind that this is an industrial style scale. Now we're not saying this WS-100 scale is impossible to break but what we are saying is this digital scale is built to the standards of what you would see in an industrial warehouse environment. So that means the weighing platform is not what we would call low profile. You will need to step up onto the platform. The reason you need to step up on to the platter is the base structure is very heavy duty and the platform cover is a high quality product as well. This is not some low profile plastic style scale. Overall, we have been very pleased with this WS100 scale and it has been used all across the country for weighing individuals in locker rooms and weighing wrestlers in high school and college programs.









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