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On this site we focus on items that are perfect for Tournament Weigh-In's

As we all know the price matters but the quality and performance matter too. Nobody wants to spend a few hundred dollars for a product just to have it fail within a year or two. Our goal is to provide products that last many years and provide accurate weights as well.



The WS-440 wrestling team floor scales feature a large weighing platform of 19.7 x 19.7 inch stainless steel and is easily one of our most popular scales for weighing wrestlers. Capacity: 440 x 0.1 lbs and are powered by both regular power and rechargeable battery. Very popular scale with lots of groups. The display is easy to read and features several units of measure. We used to say this item is not really designed to be portable, but now that we offer a carry bag for the WS440, we have changed our tune. This scale can be portable with the optional carry bag.

Sometimes customers ask us what is the main difference between this and the WS100 scale? The obvious difference is the capacity which is 440 versus 600 pounds. However, we would also mention the platform size is a big difference as well. Not necessarily the dimensions of the platform but the weight of the platform. The WS440 can be moved around if needed. The WS100 is actually pretty heavy and not really a portable choice. Also the WS100 has a column that connects the base to the indicator. Meanwhile, the WS440 simply connects via a cable. The truth is we have a lot of customers who really like each of these digital scales. Our suggestion is to simply write out a list of "must haves" and then hopefully that will help you make an intelligent buying choice for your wrestling team.


Also available, heavy duty soft shell carry case.











Thanks for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with some really good buying information for purchassing scales to be used at your weigh-in, tournament, or just to keep track of your weight daily. Hopefully this site will help you to make the correct buying decision. You can still search and find a rare used digital scale or see the website that promotes used equipment but generally it's tough to find many places that are offering those products on a regular basis. Don't forget, we provide exclusive coupon codes for even greater savings.


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