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Thank you very much for taking a few moments to visit our website. As you may know, we specialize in digital wrestling scales. In today's article we want to take a few moments and provide you with a list of the best wrestling scales for the money in 2024. Now this list is simply based on our editorial opinion, buying habits, and customer satisfaction that we have observed. If your favorite scale doesn't make this list, that doesn't mean it is not a quality product. This is simply what we believe are the best overall choices when you factor in things like accuracy, reliablity, and price. When it comes to buying certified wrestling scales the price matters but the quality and performance matter too. Nobody wants to spend a several hundred dollars for an electronic scale just to have it break twelve months later.

As technology advances and pressure for lower price products takes over the market, newer products take over the industry. Sometimes permanently, other times temporarily. As with most products in America, the majority of our scales are made in China or somewhere overseas so the idea that you're going to get usa wrestling scales can sometimes be a difficult challenge. However, there are a few USA products like the Befour lineup of scales.

1. BEFOUR PS 6600 ST

In fact, the Befour PS 6600 ST tops our list for this year. It is popular with both wrestlers and school administrators. The scale is made in the Befour factory in Wisconsin and it consistently ranks very high in customer satisfaction every year. The 500 pound capacity and tenth of a pound readability are ideal for most schools and universities.



High school wrestling scales are really one of our specialities. We often have athletic directors or wrestling coaches contacting us looking for recommendations and info on how to place an order. They need a scale to weigh their wrestlers on for the tournament weigh-in on Friday afternoon at the gym. One of the choice we like to recommend to the price sensitive customers is the next scale on our list. The CAS PB-300 Fitness Scale. This scale is ideal for almost every customer. And the one feature this scale has over the Befour is, the CAS is NTEP Certified with a CoC #. We highly recommend this product.



University and community college programs around the country also need electronic wrestling scales every now and then. Also gyms that offer membership often contact us looking for electronic scales that they can place in their locker room for their members to use. Now these scales generally need to be a little more "industrial" tough than your average doctors office scale. That leads us to our number three recommendation, the WS100 scale. This scale is heavy duty but affordably priced. The maximum weight you can place on the platform is 500 pounds. And the platform is very sturdy when compared to scales that you might normally consider medical scales. The scale operates on standard 110VAC power or the internal rechargeable battery.


We did have several other scales that almost made our Top 3 but just missed the cut...
We'll list those below.






Just remember when you're shopping for digital scales you need to do your homework and determine what are the key features you are going to be needing for your new scale. Do you need it to have a certain capacity? Does it need to be portable? Do you need battery power? Do you need a height rod? Do you need it to be NTEP legal for trade with a Certificate of Conformance Number? All of these are questions that you need to discuss with your coaches, athletic department officials, and perhaps your sanctioning body to make sure you get the exact product you need.


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